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Coin Shop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Eastern Iowa Coin is one of the top places to find rare and vintage coins in Cedar Rapids, IA. We take pride in the large supply of rare coins that we have available for serious collectors. We also have a large supply of other collectible items, which include precious metals, silver, scrap gold, platinum and diamonds. We offer excellent customer service, and we take our time with each collector.
We buy, sell or trade different types of currency, and we believe that our business has continued to grow because we pay our customers the highest amount for items they wish to sell. We even buy and sell paper currency with both bills and greenbacks for must-see items that are high in value. We also offer accessories that allow you to display your collection in your home or office.
Silver Coin — Coin Shop in Rapids, IA
At Eastern Iowa Coin, we carry currency in bullion form, and we offer different varieties at competitive prices. We also offer appraisals for coins and precious metals. As a locally owned and operated business, we offer personalized service and maintain strong relationships with our customers. We discuss the worth of the items brought into our store while answering any questions you may have.
Gold Coin — Coin Shop in Rapids, IA
Teddy Bear — Coin Shop in Rapids, IA
Old Silver Coin — Coin Shop in Rapids, IA
We've continued to grow as a company for the last 15 years. Visit our store to buy, sell or trade your coins. We're here to meet all of your coin and currency needs.